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Blog - Category: Your Stories

Blog - Category: Your Stories

By Brian Test, 07/31/2009 - 13:43

Get Better Results: Choose The Right Product In The Right Size

I spoke to “Victoria” this week.  She had lost 120 pounds over the course of 7 years.  Wow, what an accomplishment! While she was thrilled with the weight loss, she couldn’t fully enjoy it because she was so displeased with the sagging excess skin left behind.  After consulting with several surgeons, she decided to undergo an Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and a liposuction procedure.
By Brian Test, 07/30/2009 - 16:30

The Hollywood Postpartum Flat Belly Solution: Two Belly Wraps?

I spoke with a woman last week who had a baby boy four weeks ago. She was very concerned that she couldn’t fit into any of her pre-pregnancy clothing yet. She joked about her obsession with reading Hollywood Celebrity magazines, particularly stories about celebrities who had just had a baby but looked runway ready.
By Brian Test, 07/09/2009 - 11:50

Unplanned Cesarean

Last week, a first time father called for his wife who had an unplanned Cesarean.  He was a little shaken by the fact that his wife and new baby girl only stayed 3 nights in the hospital.  Now he was caring for both of them on his own until his mother-in-law arrived in a few days. 
By Brian Test, 07/04/2009 - 13:41


Last week, a patient called in who said, “I have a bread-loaf breast and you have the solution.”  I thought she had the wrong number at first.  After listening for a bit, I realized she was referring to Synmastia, a possible complication following a breast augmentation procedure.  Her implants had migrated toward the middle of her chest, creating what appeared to be a solid mass of tissue without separation or cleavage. Hence, the term “bread-loaf breast,” also referred to by patients as a “uniboob.”