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Patient to Patient

Patient to Patient

By Brian Test, 07/06/2010 - 14:16

I don't think folks in general understand the importance of good compression garments.  I read the document on your website when I first had surgery.  I encountered severe issues with fluid and was looking for a garment that would help.  I found it in Design Veronique!  I just re-read the information yesterday to remind myself because I've had subsequent surgery and don't want to encounter any problems. 

I am very compliant in wearing the garment 23 hours per day, taking it off only to shower. Sure it's sometimes tempting to not wear it, especially in the heat of the summer.  However, when I think back to what the purpose of the garments are doing for me I deal with it. 

The nicest thing is that Design Veronique offers custom garments.  Customers like me that have had multiple surgeries know what they like and what feels comfortable.  The ability to get something that is designed to my specifications is fantastic.

I've given Design Veronique’s name and website to others that I know that have had surgery and have encouraged them as well to use proper garments to aid in healing.

Vivian T.