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Toss The Belly Band; Give The Postpartum Girdle A Try.

Toss The Belly Band; Give The Postpartum Girdle A Try.

By Brian Test, 10/30/2009 - 15:17

I had a new mother in for a fitting today that was 4 weeks postpartum and had been using a belly wrap since delivery.  Initially the belly wrap offered some support but, after losing the majority of her pregnancy weight gain, she found it rather bulky under her pre-pregnancy clothing.

I could see the belly binder wasn’t doing mom’s figure any justice. After losing her pregnancy weight she wanted to show off her body, not cover up to hide the belly wrap.

I suggested a postpartum girdle for mom that would support the abdominal wall without being bulky like the belly band.  I showed her two options; she preferred the style with a bra.

She tried on the postpartum girdle, and then put her clothes over top.  She was instantly more comfortable.  Her pants, which were a bit snug before with the belly wrap, were now way too big! But more importantly, Mom could feel the body support immediately.  She felt her posture and balance improve instantly.

Mom decided to give the belly wrap a toss and slip into something more comfortable and contouring.

Looks like Moms really do know best.