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Compression Vests Assist Patients Before and After Body Contouring Surgery

Gynecomastia treatment includes surgical and non-surgical options.


Richmond, California, September 15, 2009 – In 2008, nearly 18,000 men opted for a Male Breast Reduction procedure, according to statistics published by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  The procedure is targeted toward men with a condition called Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia (female-like breasts in men) is a body contour problem consisting of excess fat, breast gland, and skin.  Gynecomastia is most commonly diagnosed in adolescent boys; however it can affect men of all ages.  Also known as “man boobs,” “moobs,” and “gyno/puffy nipples,” Gynecomastia occurs in about 60% of all men.   

Some of the widely accepted causes of Gynecomastia are puberty, steroid abuse, genetic disorders and syndromes, chronic liver disease, tumors, aging, and obesity.  Many of these causes create a hormone imbalance in the body, which can produce excess breast gland.  An Endocrinologist can best diagnose if there is a hormone component and stabilize the imbalance.  However, in many cases, excess weight is the problem.  Men tend to deposit fat on the chest and belly, which can cause a feminine contour. 

Treatment of Gynecomastia can range from compression camouflage and chest binding to Male Breast Reduction and Chest Lift surgery.  In most cases, Gynecomastia will resolve on its own.  In the interim, many physicians recommend a medical compression vest to help stabilize and flatten the chest/breast.  “Living with Gynecomastia can cause a great deal of emotional stress. Medical compression garments can be a great band-aide. The relief on a patient’s face is instantaneous after putting the garment on and looking in the mirror,” said Dr. Michael Bermant, MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and among America’s Top Doctors 2002 – 2008

In adolescent Gynecomastia, what has not resolved within 2 years typically will not.  The degree to which the condition affects the patient, and a number of health and lifestyle factors, can determine a doctor’s choice of treatment.  Stability of the underlying condition, weight loss concerns, emotional wellbeing, and other medical conditions are taken into account in whether or not a doctor recommends contouring surgery immediately or instead chooses a phased treatment approach. 

In a phased treatment approach, medical grade compression garments can be used throughout the treatment process.  If a patient is overweight or obese, the medical compression vest can be used during the recommended weight loss period. Dr. Bermant is an advocate, “I’ve had patients around the world use these garments to shape and stabilize tissue until they were ready for surgery.  My goal is to reduce the stress of patients hoping for a quick fix that are better served by waiting for surgery until their weight loss goals are achieved or medical condition stabilizes.”  Dr. Bermant’s website,, shows vivid examples of how his patients are helped by using a medical compression vest.  

Many doctors advocate the use of medical compression for healing after an aesthetic or reconstructive procedure.  “A medical compression vest used just after surgery, minimizes bruising, swelling, and discomfort.  Scars that evolve under pressure do much better than scars without pressure,” says Dr. Bermant.  Dr. Bermant uses the Design Veronique style 640 Men’s Adjustable Compression Vest ($99.90) to assist patients with post surgery recovery. For patients seeking body contouring without surgery, Dr. Bermant recommends the style 1240 Men’s Compression Vest by Design Veronique, available for $99.90 at

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