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Unplanned Cesarean

Unplanned Cesarean

By Brian Test, 07/09/2009 - 11:50

Last week, a first time father called for his wife who had an unplanned Cesarean.  He was a little shaken by the fact that his wife and new baby girl only stayed 3 nights in the hospital.  Now he was caring for both of them on his own until his mother-in-law arrived in a few days. 

During the excitement of diaper changing and sleepless nights, he recalled that his mother spoke of binding her belly with some sort of elastic wrap after she had each of her eight children.   He never understood why, but realized it might help his wife feel more confident moving if her abdomen and incision were supported.

I suggested the Cesarean Support product and explained how to measure her waist to figure out the proper size.  He emailed me yesterday to let me know his wife loves the product, is feeling much more comfortable, and is able to hold and breastfeed her baby.