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How do I put my garment on?

How do I put my garment on?

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 00:51 - Brian Test


If your product has detachable shoulder straps, unhook the front closure. Assume a seated position. Place your feet into the product leg openings. Depending on the product length, position the bottom hemline properly at your thighs. Remaining seated, gently position the garment into place around your hips.

Stand up slowly and pull the garment fully into place.


The hook & eye closures found on the back of the bra (if applicable) should be fastened on the middle row. The front hook & eye closures (if applicable) should be separated and the shoulder straps loosened.

Slide your arms through the opening between the shoulder strap and bra, but do not tighten the shoulder straps. Close the front hook & eye adjustment, starting at the bottom closure and working up. Adjust the shoulder straps to the desired comfort.

If the bra is too tight or loose, take the bra off by separating the front hook & eye closures and adjust the back hook & eye closure to loosen or tighten the fit. Please repeat the above steps to put the bra back on.