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Comparing a Design Veronique Postpartum Garment to Wearing a Regular Girdle

Before my first son was born, a friend told me that wearing a girdle immediately after birth and beyond was a good way to help your stomach shrink after delivery.  So with my first son, I used a girdle and the results were good.  This pregnancy, I saw in some magazines that special garments were available that were designed specifically for post-delivery.  I really wanted to try them, but I was not sure where to purchase them (I guess I didn’t really look into that part too much).  When I saw your brochure in the doctor’s office, I was excited to give the product a try—but unfortunately I didn’t know about  the Design Veronique garments until a few days after delivery.  In the interim, I was wearing my girdle from the first pregnancy, so my results are probably a mixed bag.

My stomach did shrink very well– I was wearing my old jeans again in just a couple of weeks and could wear semi-fitted shirts without anything but a slight bulge.  To compare your garment to the old girdle, yours had much lighter fabric and I could barely tell it was on, while the girdle still felt tight and providing support.  The previous girdle also had a tendency to roll down when I sat, but yours didn’t.  My stomach looked about the same size when wearing either garment. 

Overall, I liked the comfort of your product since I often forgot that I was wearing it.  I would highly recommend the product to a friend.

Thanks for a quality product!


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