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I had my baby 9 weeks ago and I’ve just returned to work. I had a c-section and still feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I feel like my stomach is hanging out and my c-section scar is still sensitive. Will any of your products still help me?

Congratulations on the birth of your child!  I know from firsthand experience that 9 weeks postpartum, especially following a cesarean delivery, things are far from normal.

And guess what, you and I are not alone either.  Many women lack the sense of “held-togetherness” that they may have taken for granted before pregnancy and delivery.

According to a survey from National New Mothers Speak Out, many mothers, especially those with cesareans, reported that pain had interfered with routine activities and that physical problems had interfered with their ability to care for their babies in the first 2 months after birth.

Quick Facts from National New Mothers Speak Out Report:

At 6 months or more, many women continued to experience a variety of symptoms:

25%  Experience Physical Exhaustion
24% Experience Backache
18% Experience Pain at Incision Site – Cesarean Birth

A postpartum support body garment is still beneficial as long as you experience these or other related symptoms.

A Design Veronique Postpartum Support Garment provides targeted support to assist in organ and spine repositioning, and cesarean incision healing without applying undo pressure on vital organs or ligaments.

The following products will give you a sense of normalcy and help you return to the workplace in more comfort:

Mid Body Support with Wireless Contouring Bra featuring Self-Adjusting Cups (MG160B)

Mid Body Support with Adjustable Corset (MG161C)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to respond on the blog or email me directly at

All my best to you and your family!


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