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If I Didn’t Have a C-Section, Are There Any Benefits From Wearing One Of Your Products?

Congratulations on the birth of your child! 

Women who give birth vaginally face an entirely different set of challenges than women who give birth by Cesarean Section.  During pregnancy, labor, and birth, the symphysis pubis, where the right and left sides of the hips meet near the vaginal area, separates to varying degrees with the ultimate goal of passing a child from the uterus through the birth canal. Postpartum, some women can suffer a longer term, abnormal separation of the symphysis pubis resulting in pelvic girdle pain.

A support garment can offer greater stability to a woman’s body after a vaginal delivery.  The garment acts to retract the body by drawing in stretched muscles and providing structure to the torso, subsequently reducing strain on ligaments and joints in the lower back, pelvis, and buttocks. Reducing stress in these areas enhances the body’s ability to return to its pre-pregnancy alignment and shape. Additionally, a garment can offer support to the abdominal wall as the muscles retract to their pre-pregnancy position.

To learn more about postpartum physiology and how proper support can help your body after baby, read our education document, The Role of Support Garments for the Changing Physiology of the Pregnant and Postpartum Body.

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