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Other than slimming down my post pregnancy belly, what are the other benefits I can expect from wearing a Design Veronique postpartum body support girdle?

During pregnancy and delivery women face extraordinary physiological changes.  If that’s not challenging enough, after delivering a child, we are instantly expected to look after a newborn baby around the clock – and more often than not, the rest of the family, too.

The first few weeks postpartum are both physically and emotionally demanding for many new moms. A little extra torso support can offer new moms posture support while nursing, as well as stabilize the abdominal wall and pelvis while holding her baby, or other children, or while placing her child in and out of a crib. 

Wearing a postpartum support garment will promote:

cesarean incision healing

abdominal support

back pain relief

spinal realignment

posture improvement

organ repositioning

ligament stabilization

To learn more about postpartum physiology and how proper support can help your body after baby, please read our educational paper, The Role of Support Garments for the Changing Physiology of the Pregnant and Postpartum Body.

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