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Question of the Week


I’m pregnant and due in early April.  I want to get the Mid Body Support Mid-Thigh but I’m a little worried that it might show if I were to wear a short dress. So I was thinking about the Mid Body Support Brief. Are they basically the same, besides the fact that one is a brief and one comes to the mid thigh? Also with the brief, I wanted to know are you supposed to wear them without panties.

Thanks so much for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you guys soon and ordering some of your products!


Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your child!  We appreciate your interest in our products.

To answer your questions:

1- The leg length is 5” on the Mid Body Support Mid Thigh #MG161.  It will likely show under a short dress, but not if it’s knee length.

2- The only two differences between the Brief and Mid-Thigh is the leg.  Everything else, the panels and material are the same.

3- I would recommend wearing panties under either garment, to hold the sanitary pads in place.

I hope I was able to answer all of your questions.  Please feel free to email me back if you have anything else to add or need help with your size.

Best regards,


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