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Seeing Is Believing!

I had a new mom come in for a garment fitting today.  She delivered a healthy 7 pound baby girl on September 5th 2009.

Mom was in labor for 3 days before her doctor decided to do a C-section.  As you can imagine, this was quite a traumatic labor and delivery.

She was almost 4 weeks postpartum but still looked about 5-6 months pregnant because her abdominal muscles were so weak.  As of this morning, she was still having a difficult time getting in and out of bed.  In fact, she used a little pillow to apply pressure on her incision to make it less painful when she got up.

Her major complaint was that she felt weak and it was hard to hold her baby.  She also had issues with her pants bunching up around the cesarean incision because her belly pushed the waist down.

Another major concern was that she knew nothing about the importance of supporting her body immediately after delivery and thought she might be too late to start wearing a postpartum support girdle.

She tried on our Cesarean Support girdle and her body literally changed before my eyes.  She felt “held together,” more confident, and oh so comfortable.

Then she turned around and looked in the mirror.  She instantly got teary-eyed.  She felt better and LOOKED better!  Her bulges became curves and the waistline of her pants sat on her waist, not bunched into her incision.

She loved the support of the garment and didn’t want to take it off.  She left the building with the garment on, feeling fantastic!

I was so excited to see mom’s reactions and how the garment changed the way she felt and looked.  I feel fortunate to be able to share the information about Design Veronique Maternity products with other mothers.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are pregnant or postpartum, I would love to see you for a fitting and help you on your way to recovery.

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