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To Zip or Not to Zip – The OWIE Factor

I spoke to a new Dad today that said he was in really BIG trouble.  His wife was still in the hospital recovering from a Cesarean delivery.  His wife had complained to him that her stomach was quite sore and that she needed a postpartum belly wrap or support garment to hold her together.  So he left the hospital briefly to go girdle shopping.

Okay, okay.  Let’s all say it together, “What a nice husband!”

He brought three options back to the hospital for her:  A slip on corset, a panty girdle, and a really tight all in one body shaper.  Dad thought he did well by bringing different options, but one look from his wife let him know otherwise.

Three garments, three problems.  She wondered how she was supposed to wiggle and jiggle her way into that super tight body shaper.  The panty girdle only covered up to the navel and pushed her swollen abdomen up and over the waistband and it rolled down.  She didn’t even try the slip on corset since it was going to be way too painful to slide over the Cesarean incision

Bottom line:  Dad didn’t get any brownie points for that shopping spree.

Now he was on a mission.  A girdle was not going to beat him!  He turned to the internet for help, found our website, and called an expert for advice.  Me 🙂

He explained the situation and I immediately directed him to our FDA Approved Cesarean Support girdle.  It has a zipper on the side that allows the garment to fully open so that there is enough room to get into it without hurting the incision area.  He only had one question, “Do you have overnight delivery?”  “Yes!” was my prompt reply.

Having had two Cesareans myself, I know firsthand how sensitive the incision can be and that pulling or tugging a tight girdle over it will be painful.  A garment with a zipper allows Moms to easily zip in and out without the fear of hurting themselves.

I sent the garment overnight, directly to the hospital.  The next day, I received a thank you call from Mom herself.  She was feeling much more comfortable and held together.

And Dad?  He finally got his brownie points!

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