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Last week, a patient called in who said, “I have a bread-loaf breast and you have the solution.”  I thought she had the wrong number at first.  After listening for a bit, I realized she was referring to Synmastia, a possible complication following a breast augmentation procedure.  Her implants had migrated toward the middle of her chest, creating what appeared to be a solid mass of tissue without separation or cleavage. Hence, the term “bread-loaf breast,” also referred to by patients as a “uniboob.”
She recently had corrective surgery.  After the corrective procedure, her doctor recommended she wear a sports bra turned backwards.  The T-back (now in the front) keeps the breasts separated during the healing process.
She had tried this for a few days and absolutely hated it.  The top of the T-back came up so high on her neck that she had to wear a turtleneck to cover it up.  Since she lived in Houston and it was mid-July, this was a problem.    Turning to the Internet, she found our Sternum Compression Bra and me.
She ordered the product immediately.  When it arrived the next morning, I got a phone call to let me know how much better she felt and how cute her husband thinks she looks.  I could hear him in the background yelling, “NOT!”
Synmastia is a serious condition.  If you undergo a corrective procedure, I recommend that you wear the proper postoperative bra for best results, not a backwards sports bra.     

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