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Debunking the Myths of Postpartum Compression and Shapewear


Richmond, California, September 1, 2009 – Compression apparel has exploded into the marketplace.  Its arrival has spurred debate and controversy by diverse groups.  Runners claim compression clothing makes them faster with less time needed for recovery.  Fashion enthusiasts tout compression products as the answer to dieting.  The latest group targeted by compression garment and shapewear manufacturers is new mothers.

With over 4 million US births in 2007, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, the opportunity is clear.  It’s an easy sell when over 40% of women admit to having problems with weight control after having a baby, according to Childbirth Connection’s national survey titled, New Mothers Speak Out.  But many of the claims that compression garment or shapewear manufacturers make to new mothers are purely myths.

Compression garments first made their appearance in the marketplace in the early 80s.  Their purpose was to assist patients with recovery from aesthetic or reconstructive procedures.  Compression garments were a big upgrade for doctors and nurses who previously applied compression for healing by wrapping bandages over wounds or surgical sites. 

Today, many companies are coming out with postpartum compression garments and belly binding wraps that claim they will reduce or eliminate stretch marks, speed up the hormone regulated process of decreasing pregnancy related blood and fluid volume, engage core muscles, and shrink the uterus faster.  These claims are simply not possible. 

“What women need is a product that offers accurate support to the areas of the body affected by the natural physiological changes that occur in women during pregnancy and postpartum,” said Veronica C. Smith, CEO and Design Director at Design Veronique.  She adds, “Medical grade compression is used to shape and mold tissue that has been surgically altered during an aesthetic or reconstructive procedure, a very different scenario than what postpartum women are experiencing.  The high level of pressure applied by medical compression may be too extreme for a woman who has just had a baby, which is why I developed a maternity and postpartum product line that uses different fabric, patterns, and features than my medical compression garment line.”

Postpartum support products are a good choice for women experiencing discomfort during the recovery period after they have a child.  A suitable garment will properly and accurately support abdominal wall muscle retraction and postural changes without applying undo pressure on vital organs or ligaments.  Design Veronique’s new line of maternity and postpartum support products includes options for women who give birth vaginally or by Cesarean Section, as well as a line of pregnancy and nursing bras.  The line is priced from $39.90 to $99.90 and is available on the company’s website at

ABOUT Design Veronique – Design Veronique® is the global leader in Medical Compression Garment design and manufacturing. With over 23 years experience in developing FDA approved products, Design Veronique’s new line of maternity and postpartum intimate apparel supports specific physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum.


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