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Do the postpartum garments have an open crotch?


I am interested in purchasing your Cesarean Support garment.  Does it have an opening in the crotch area to go to the restroom or do you have to remove the entire garment?

Thank you,




Hi Julia,

Thanks for your question and interest in the Cesarean Support garment.  The open crotch design will not hold a maxi pad well.  The Postpartum garments have a closed crotch because of postpartum bleeding, known as Lochia.  This is a common experience that a woman will have after having a baby, whether she has the baby via vaginal delivery or cesarean section.  This is the primary reason why we created the postpartum garments with a closed crotch, to hold the pad in place.  The garment has a convenient side zipper to make it easy to remove to use the restroom, and you can wear your own panties under the garment so you wash it less frequently. 

Thanks again for your interest.  If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away!


Kindest regards,


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