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Is this bra a good choice for someone like me? Will it provide the support I need?


I am interested in purchasing the Wireless* Contouring Support Bra with Self-Adjusting Quick-Release Drop Cups  (whew! long name).  I love the idea of having a bra that adjusts with me through pregnancy and nursing, but it almost sounds too good to be true!  I am 16 weeks into my second pregnancy and currently 36DDD and could possibly go up a cup size or two once the baby is born and I’m nursing.  Is this bra a good choice for someone like me?  Will it provide the support I need?

Thanks very much,


Hi Julie,
Thanks for the excellent question.  The Wireless* Contouring Support Bra with Self-Adjusting Quick-Release Drop Cups (is a mouthful…lol).  It is also a very supportive bra designed for continued custom fit during pregnancy and nursing.  As for cup size, they really do fluctuate quite a bit, but the same size will not fit an A cup and a DD cup, if that is what you are asking. This bra is similar to a sports bra, in the sense that there is no cup size, but the larger the size, the more coverage it provides the bust.

Support wise: yes, you will get a great amount of support from this bra. I can tell you honestly, it was designed and tested by mothers, both in our office and impartial testers. This, along with 25 years experience of postsurgical bra manufacturing really helped us hone in on what is needed for support and comfort. The Quick release is also a really great feature. You can singlehandedly open the drop cups.  Nice feature when you are rushing and baby has no patience.

The sizes are based upon the measurement directly below the breast.  Adjustable shoulder straps and closures ensure proper fit during breast size fluctuations associated with engorgement, and accommodate nursing pads.

To determine the right size, the best thing to do is take your under bust measurement. This will help greatly with your size selection. However, being of larger cup size myself, I would really recommend going up one size from what you may size to.  Keep in mind that we can even customize the bra/cups for you and it only takes a couple days.

I hope this information helped and congratulations on your second child!

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