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Size Recommendation for Non-Zippered, 2nd Stage Garment


I currently have 2 garments I purchased from you, #853  zippered  body girdle they are 2xl.  I had my tummy tuck a month ago and I’m interested in moving to the non zippered second stage garments. I’m particularly interested in the Non-Zippered High-Back Body Garment Style #1653H  and the Non-Zippered High-Back Full-Body Girdle Style #1655H.  My question is about the size.  I’m wearing mine right now and it fits tight but comfortable.  Do I still keep size 2xl for the non zippered ones?   Current measurements are 41 inches hip 38 inches waist with some swelling below ribs.  My confusion is that my measurements put me in different sizes, and the 2xl I’m wearing now is tight enough.  What do you recommend?  I would be buying both garments. 

Thanks for a prompt reply. Ada


Hi Ada,

Thank you for your email.  I’d be happy to help you select the right size garment.  If the zippered style fits you well, and you can handle a little more compression, I suggest you order the same size in the non-zip.  The non-zip styles are cut a bit smaller and have added support panels, which make the garment more compressive, therefore being tighter and harder to apply. 

Thank you again for your interest.  Please let us know if we can answer any futher questions or assist you with an order.

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Kind regards,

Mariko V. DiBiase
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