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Hey guys! I’m 21 and thankfully I don’t have gynecomastia (thought I did at one point but was ruled out) fortunately/unfortunately when I’d gained weight I’d gained a lot in my chest however its hereditary – when my dad started getting a gut the manboobs also started, as with me. I still lift weights however lacked cardio/strict nutrition and hated my body was just too lazy to do anything about it. Would always wear button up shirts with a tight singlet to try hold my gut/manboobs in the thought of trying a compression vest and went with the Design Veronique Vest.

So now my goal is to eat better/work out a lot more BUT I got the vest so I could feel confident while I did it since I’ve got school/work etc and was really self conscious about them. Thought I’d share my review and just say that it’s excellent, I honestly reckon it’s made them about 70% less noticeable and I can wear t-shirts/polo shirts again 🙂 Keep in mind I didn’t try any other compression vests just the Design Veronique one but I’m really glad I got a great one to start off with.

Hope this helps. (I have no affiliation with Design Veronique they were just the only vest I’d tried but did notice a big difference)

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