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Kudos to Our Newest Customer Service Member, Kelly. Phenomenal Praise From a Customer!

Hello Kelly,

Thank you again for all your wonderful help and personal attention this past Monday on helping me fit a post surgical support garment.  I LOVE wearing my compression garment.  The thing I noticed immediately was the support it gave me when I laughed, coughed or sneezed.  While these things hurt before wearing the garment, they were only mildly uncomfortable with the garment on.  I also love the hook/eye connector in the crotch.  This makes using the bathroom so much easier and less painful as I did not have to pull the garment up and down over my scars.  You’re right about not being able to rip the garmentIt wears like iron but is so comfortable.
I WISH I’d had a support garment from Design Veronique after having my children.  I suspect my recovery would have been much quicker and my doctor is so pleased with how I am recovering from this surgery.  I think these compression garments actually help the healing process!

I’m also glad I got two garments.  The first needed cleaning within the first two days and it was really great to have a second on hand.  

Kelly, your expertise has made my recovery so much easier and I’m able to reach up and down and twist more because of my garment.  Thank you to Design Veronique and you for making it possible for me to walk out of your showroom wearing my new garment and a back up one in my bag!
I will definitely recommend you and Design Veronique to others, especially new moms now that I know you have a wonderful line for post delivery!  I meant to ask you, Kelly, do you make support garments for men who have on going back support needs?
With my warmest regards,


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