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Aesthetic Surgery After a Gastric Bypass Procedure


I had gastric bypass surgery and lost 165 pounds.  Consequently, I needed a tummy tuck, breast lift, and arm lift.  I’ve already had the tummy tuck.  In two weeks I’m having the arm and breast lift.

When I asked my doctor about wearing a compression garment, he said to buy an athletic bra and that he will wrap my arms in ace bandages.  I will have to wear the ace bandages for two weeks, but then he says I can wear a tight pair of gym socks on my arms.

Gym socks? Ace bandages?  Do you have any suggestions for me? 


Congratulations on your weight loss! 

Ace bandages are routinely used after an arm lift, but they can be difficult to manage.  The bandages need to be wrapped tightly to provide enough compression for healing.  Compression disperses fluid from the surgical site and allows connective tissue to heal more quickly.  Consistent and constant compression is ideal for optimal healing benefits. 

Ace bandages require frequent re-wrapping to ensure adequate compression of the dermal layer onto the muscle wall.  It gets even trickier to reproduce effective results at home, away from your doctor and helpful post-op nursing staff. 

My recommendation for you, since you’re having a breast lift and arm lift simultaneously, is a garment that combines compression for healing your arms with a light support postsurgical bra.

The PowerNet fabric used to construct the arm sleeves is resistant to rips and runs, so your doctor is free to place holes in the garment to accommodate surgical drains without ruining the garment, or affecting the level of compression.  The bra offers soft, seamless, non-marking, light support ideal for patients recovering from a breast lift. 

As always, it’s important to follow your doctor’s recommendations.  We have many physicians recommend our products for ease of use and optimal results from surgical procedures.

If you have any questions about this product or any others, please feel free to email or call me directly.

Happy Healing!



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