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Help! I feel like I am addicted to my garment!


I had liposuction two months ago. I have been wearing a Veronique garment that zips up the sides and has bra straps.  I like the garment and I am very comfortable. In fact, I am so comfortable that I don’t even want to take it off.  My doctor said I can stop wearing the garment after 6 weeks.  It has been over 8 weeks and I don’t feel like I can live without the garment.

Help!  I feel like I am addicted to my garment!

Susan P.

Houston, TX


Hello Susan!

You are definitely not alone.  Many patients say the garment acts like a security blanket and can be difficult to give up.  It’s very much a love/hate relationship that many patients experience.  They love the fact that the doctor has released them from the garment after 6 weeks of non-stop wear, yet they hate the way they feel without it. 

You may find it hard to believe and it may take a few months, but that feeling does go away and you will be comfortable without your garment.

Physicians who recommend compression garments vary in their opinions regarding the length of time a patient should wear a garment. However, on average, the recommended duration is from three weeks to three months.

Your swelling will continue to go down over the first couple months and the final result can take up to six months to be revealed. It’s completely normal to feel more comfortable in your garment during those six months and sometimes even longer.

We recommend second stage garments for long-term use.  Second stage garments do not have zippers and they are more formfitting with additional compression panels.  The added panels provide greater compression to ensure proper skin retraction and tissue adherence.

I highly suggest giving a second stage garment a try.  You’ll love the support and they feel like a second skin.

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