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I’m having a breast augmentation. What is the right bra for my procedure?

Design Veronique Postsurgical Bras offer different levels of support and compression and are designed to address specific aesthetic or reconstructive breast procedures.  

First and foremost, we recommend following the advice of your physician when choosing a postsurgical bra

Many physicians we work with typically recommend a supportive bra after a breast augmentation.  The bra is used to stabilize breast implants, protect the incision sites, and also lend support to a woman’s frame since she’ll be carrying around a little extra weight in her breasts. 

Two of our best selling bras designed for breast augmentations are the Allyssandra-2” (Style #454) and the Allyssandra-1” (Style #454-1)

Both bras offer maximum adjustability while maintaining secure implant positioning.  They feature seamless soft cotton, full-coverage cups and a comfortable supportive under bust stabilizing band. 

The primary difference between the two bras is the width of the band around the bottom of the bra.  The 2” bra offers firmer support for larger implants while the 1” band is preferred by patients who have selected a smaller implant size.


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