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Male Garment Question


I just had some abdominal surgery.  My surgeon recommend that I should be in a high waisted, long legged, and zippered garment.

I did some research into wearing this type of garment and I had heard that you can become comfortable with the support to the point where you will not want to be without being in a garment daily, can that happen?



Hi Tim,

That’s an excellent question.  The garment provides a great sense of security and feeling of held-togetherness, so yes it can be uncomfortable to go without the garment during the first couple months post-op.  However, that feeling fades as you heal, and you should feel totally secure without a garment as you fully recover from your surgery.

Here are some garments for abdominal surgery that you may like:

Zippered Abdominal Garment (840)

Zippered Above-Knee Abdominal Garment (743)

If you have any questions of need help selecting a size, please feel free to email or call me directly.

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