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Men’s Garment Following Weight Loss


I’ve lost more than a hundred pounds.  Currently, I weigh 180 lbs and I am aiming to weigh about 170 lbs.  Although, I’ve been seriously contemplating surgery to remove the excess skin from my body, I am interested in buying one of your garments to help me fit into my clothes better and help me in my physical activities which include weightlifting, martial arts, and running.

There are two areas that I’m hoping to support with a garment.  The first is my chest as my nipples and surrounding skin are probably 3 inches lower than they should be.  And the second area is my abdomen, which due to my loose skin, hangs down to the top of my pelvic bone, which gives that sagging low-belly look.

I am interest in one of your full body garments that goes down to the mid thigh area such as your V1640 or V840.  I was wondering which stage garment you would recommend.

Again, I have not had any surgery and so have no wounds to worry about. I need the garment to be as snug as possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations on the weight loss!  That’s a great question and it comes up a lot.

In your case, I suggest the stage two garment- the Non-Zippered Abdominal/Chest Garment (V1640)A zippered style isn’t necessary since you are not sore and tender from surgery.

The Non-Zippered Abdominal/Chest Garment (V1640) has adjustable Velcro shoulder straps and panels that target compression of the chest, abdomen, and flanks.  You will find this garment very comfortable.  It will provide a nice sleek look under your clothing, and help support your body while participating in physical activities.

I hope I was able to answer all of your questions.  I wish you success in your weight loss journey.  If and when the time comes for your surgery, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you find the right postsurgical garment.

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