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Postpartum Compression or Postpartum Support?

Many women are concerned with how to eliminate the after pregnancy “pooch.”  Diet and exercise are obvious, but what else?  Many companies are coming out with postpartum compression garments and belly binding wraps that claim they will give you a flat belly after giving birth.  In our 23 years of designing and manufacturing FDA approved postoperative compression garments, we have seen many competitors re-label their products as “postpartum,” and that is worrisome. 

Medical grade compression is used to shape and mold tissue that has been surgically altered during an aesthetic or reconstructive procedure, a very different scenario than the natural physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and postpartum.  The high level of pressure applied by medical compression may be too extreme, consequently forcing a woman’s body into an hourglass form too quickly. 

Other companies make claims that compression will reduce or eliminate stretch marks, speed up the hormone regulated process of decreasing pregnancy related blood and fluid volume, engage core muscles, and immediately restore mom’s figure. 

And, I have a bridge to sell you….

After labor and delivery, a woman faces tremendous transitions with her postpartum body.  There is so much more to postpartum recovery than just fitting into your jeans.   It took your body months to prepare to give birth, and recovery can take some time.  Properly supporting your body’s physiological changes during recovery can provide a great sense of comfort.  Be sure to choose a product that properly and accurately supports organ repositioning, spinal realignment, and cesarean incision healing without applying undo pressure on vital organs or ligaments.

To learn more about postpartum physiology and how proper support can help your body after baby, please read our education document, The Role of Support Garments for the Changing Physiology of the Pregnant and Postpartum Body.

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