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Athletic Bras Are For Sports – Especially When It Comes to Breast Surgery Recovery

Athletic bras are popular options among many patients after having a breast augmentation because they are made with soft fabrics and do not have underwires.  Underwire bras are a big no-no after a breast augmentation because the breast tissue that sits on the wire can become permanently marked. 

An athletic bra is nothing like a postsurgical bra.

A proper postsurgical bra minimizes postoperative tissue marking, protects the incision site to reduce the degree of scarring, stabilizes implants, and offers a comfortable fit.  Postsurgical bras are manufactured with fabric, features, and body modeling technology, producing a bra that provides proper support or compression for extended periods of time.

I always advise that you follow the recommendations of your physician but I would like to share my tips for selecting a proper postsurgical bra.

Features you should consider when purchasing your postsurgical bra:

  • Front Opening:                        Easy access to incisions and dressings
  • Fabric:                                  Soft, supportive, breathable, and hypoallergenic
  • Seams:                                  Do not irritate incisions, mark tissue, or show under clothing
  • Shoulder Straps:                     Adjust to accommodate cup size and fluid retention
  • Under Bust Stabilizing Band:      Wide for stabilizing support
  • Back Opening:                        Adjustable for a custom fit

Remember to always use a proper postsurgical bra after breast surgery to ensure the best results from your procedure.


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