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The Hollywood Postpartum Flat Belly Solution: Two Belly Wraps?

I spoke with a woman last week who had a baby boy four weeks ago. She was very concerned that she couldn’t fit into any of her pre-pregnancy clothing yet. She joked about her obsession with reading Hollywood Celebrity magazines, particularly stories about celebrities who had just had a baby but looked runway ready. Knowing her weakness and her concerns, a friend had sent her an article about Gwyneth Paltrow where the star offered up some interesting advice, “I wore two girdles! It’s a great trick. That’s how all the Hollywood girls do it.”

In my opinion, that’s an awful lot of layering.

After chatting with her for a bit, I realized she was having more difficulty with her postpartum body than simply not fitting into her jeans. She said her lower back was bothering her and she felt like her stomach muscles had given up, like everything could fall to pieces if she coughed or laughed too hard.

Her statement was a perfect example of the postpartum physiological changes women often overlook because they are more concerned with caring for their new baby than caring for themselves.

I quickly steered our conversation away from unrealistic Hollywood expectations to some of the challenges that women typically face with their postpartum bodies. I recommended one of our postpartum support products, which she ordered.

A few days later, I got another call. She loved it!

She told me she felt so much more comfortable taking care of her baby boy now that she felt supported. And then she told me the best part, “Oh my gosh, you didn’t tell me how good the body suit would make me look. I fit into my jeans now!”

It felt really great to hear her so happy.

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